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Newsletter launching
The Executive of CINZ is to introduce an email newsletter to keep members better informed of activities the Institute is undertaking and happenings within the broader industry. This will contain snippets of information with more detail being included on the website. The first of these will be produced shortly.

Building Act Review
The Ministry of Economic Development has released a discussion document on regulation of the building industry. The report "Better Regulation of the Building Industry in New Zealand: Discussing the Options" can be found on their website under the Building Act Review section.

Manufacturers Forum
CINZ held a Manufacturers Forum to update manufacturers on the current understanding of the weather-tightness issue and to identify areas where further work was needed. As a result a number of project groups were formed to undertake the identified work.

The identified projects were:

  • Development of a verification Method for claddings
  • Common details - development of a standard suite
  • Balconies and handrails
  • Development of a 'standard battened cavity'
  • Field Testing
  • Cladding common language
  • Accountability
  • Communication

In addition to these a number of other projects were identified that could be developed later or be undertaken by other parties. These were:

  • Experimental house
  • Demonstration projects
  • Survey
  • Education - TA education, specific design education
  • Checklists
  • Wraps

Forums planned
CINZ is currently planning a series of forums developed specific for educators to bring them up-to-speed with the latest available information on weather-tightness. These forums are planned for late July in Auckland, Wellington and Christchursh.

Weathertightness study
Standards New Zealand is forming a group to undertake a scoping study for a weathertightness standard. CINZ has nominated Philip O'Sullivan to participate in this study.

Durability Standard
Standards New Zealand is also forming a committee to develop a Durability Standard. CINZ has been invited to nominate a representative to this committee. The Executive is currently looking at the likely resource requirements before committing to this project.

Proposed Weathertightness Guide and Training Course
The Institute is to facilitate the development of these tools as part of the long-term solution to the weathertightness issue.


Building Weathertightness
Summary of Findings of the New Zealand Industry Study Tour to USA and Canada. Copies of this report are available from the Claddings Institute. Please write or email providing postal address details.

News Archives
May 2002
: Roof edge protection equipment draft standards; BRANZ Seminars; `On reasonable grounds' seminar






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