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The Claddings Institute of New Zealand is a non-profit organisation established to focus collective resources to promote quality performance of building envelopes.

To achieve this mission, the Claddings Institute has identified and adopted a number of objectives.

These are:

  • To be proactive in the education and training of the building industry in matters which relate to the technology of building envelopes.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information between interacting groups concerned with building envelopes.
  • To be an industry-recognised co-ordinating body on Regulations and Standards that affect building envelopes
  • To encourage and recognise high standards of quality and professional competence in matters which relate to building envelopes.
  • To facilitate the availability of advice as appropriate on issues or disputes related to building envelopes.
  • To initiate and co-ordinate the efficient progress of appropriate research projects related to building envelopes.

The Claddings Institute undertakes a number of activities to achieve its objectives.

These include:

  • The organisation of forums to profile new building developments, new products and systems and to focus attention on specific topics of interest to the industry.
  • The main areas of focus over the last couple of years has been weather tightness of the building envelope.
  • Participation in industry workshops, steering groups etc that provide co-ordinated leadership for the industry. Also from time to time, participation in the development of standards and regulations that affect the building envelope.
  • Development of an educational programme to provide practical construction experience to polytechnic students and/or new entrants to the building industry.
  • The production of a regular newsletter to keep members informed of activities the institute is involved with.


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